Jes Extender Review – Gain 2 Inches – Works for Any Man


If you ever have the opportunity to use the Jes Extender regularly then I recommend it. During the short time I used it I've attained about 0.5" in length. My gains are very good compared to all other methods and I'm on the track to gaining at least 2 inches; however this is not for everyone!

What is the Jes Extender?

The Jes Extender is a professional extending device designed specifically for stretching your penis to new lengths. It provides a constant stretching force which results in permanent gains in penis size. Mostly length is increased but girth can be developed as well. It's a painless and simple process which has been verified as being effective by the medical community.

My Jes Extender works perfectly and I wear it all the time except when sleeping. It gives me extra length and expands my cock when I'm working or sitting at my desk. It really is the perfect enlargement device in my opinion.

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How it Compares to Other Enlargement Devices

I've compared my Jes Extender with other enlargement products and I believe it is among the best choices around. I've also used the Penomet pump and it works extremely well and I am starting to use both now. The extender is mostly for length while the pump can develop more girth and some length. A while back I used the Proextender and X4 Laboratories products but found them either uncomfortable or lacking the needed accessories to make them fit right. I spent a lot of money on these devices and only the Jes Extender delivered. It really works if you're serious like me.

Prices and Features

In this review of the Jes Extender system I want to point out that it runs from around $200 to $400. I recommend getting the higher priced package. The reason is that it has essential extras that you might not get if you elect to purchase something cheaper. I usually don't talk about pricing but even though this extender is not cheap, it's not excessively expensive either. I would pay much more for something that gives me the results that the Jes Extender does – without question!

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The features of this product are the best that I have found for an extender. It has a strap and noose that holds it to your flaccid shaft. There are pads and protection materials included which gave much more comfort than other extenders I've tried. I prefer the noose over the strap but it's a personal preference.

Adjusting the extender is very easy and it's all high grade stainless steel so it won't corrode or fall apart. They say it's like a medical device and it truly is. I feel safe using my Jes Extender because of the quality engineering that went into it.

I will suggest that you get the best package that you can afford. You only have one penis and you don't want to suffer irreparable damage simply because you tried using an inferior enlargement device such as the Proextender (it's the worst in my opinion).

Jes Extender offers a 5 year warranty and other guarantees which make this an unbelievable deal. I had some doubt too but after getting this extender and trying it all the skepticism went away. Now I'm enjoying a half-inch increase in length and looking forward to gaining more size over the next month or so.

I can't tell you how great this product is without sounding like a salesman but it's true – this is pretty great.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that there are two essential updates to the Jes Extender. The top packages now include a Velcro band. This gives you more flexibility and options for attachment. I have used the Velcro strap and I do like it. However, I am used to the noose and will stick with it for now.

You might have noticed that other extenders utilize the noose type accessory. Unfortunately, they are not all the same. Some are too hard and not flexible enough, while others are good but lack the padding and protection features of the Jes Extender making them practically useless.

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I discovered that the noose is soft and flexible enough to make putting on the system much easier for long intervals. I truly liked the Velcro strap as it seemed to permit a greater number of modifications in my situation. The regular rubber strap covers a good amount of my cock and held it in place; but the Velcro is best for quick removal. Like I said, these are my opinions and Jes Extender gives you the options to combine things to your personal feel and preference to make the stretching experience better.

Quality Improvements

Per the Jes Extender website, a lot of high quality and manufacturing has gone in to the Jes Extender and it shows. The product apparently has not changed since 2012 and continues to be sold worldwide.

All its materials are typical medical quality and hypo-allergenic.

It is also FDA authorized and has a CE level designation (what this means is this product is regarded as safe for individual use in the home).

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Jes Extender Side-Effects

I did not experience anything that I would call a negative side-effect. The great thing about this enlargement product is that there are no known side-effects. I researched the use of extenders and never found anything to the contrary. Also, I had no issues at all in attaching and wearing this extender for several hours daily.

How to Get More Penis Size with Jes Extender

First off, there are a lot of low priced knock-offs out there and so I think it is best to purchase directly from producer. Buying direct is also best to get the best price and guarantee. Next, you just have to use it and follow the instructions to get the same benefits as I. I recommend going to their website using the link below and read more about it then make your choice.


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