Penomet Review – 3 Tips - How it Worked – BIG GAINS in 2019


I have been making use of my Penomet for days now and I got really serious with it. I used to mainly pump for fun but now I'm seeing that you can get permanent results if you do it right.

Before Penomet, I would take-out my old vacuum type penis pump to get my cock to look bigger. I bought it at an online sexshop for 30 bucks. Although this old air type system worked ok, I wanted better results and something that was safer too. That's when I turned to Penomet in 2019. I made the decision to use it a little differently which is how I started getting nicer results during and after pumping.

What totally intrigued me about the Penomet was the style. This cock pump has no tubes or pump balls, and is self-contained and easy to utilize especially with water. I like this hydro pump so much that I bought two - one clear one and the green one you see below!!!

How It Works for Erections & Enlargement

penomet system boxed

This is unlike other pumps for the reason that you can use it with liquid while you are in bath or shower. To make use of it with just air like the old-style pumps simply leave out the water – although it's 10 times better with warm water!

Simply put, the Penomet system makes a safe pressure across the whole length of your hard penis which in turn causes it to expand in ways it has never done. I found that with frequent usage, both the size and thickness of my member is getting a boost.

The main component mounted to the bottom of the pump is called a "gaiter" and it's also the part that enables the strong pressure. You add water and then press down on the tube to get the suction started around your manhood.

These gaiters are different colors depending on the force they give. The black standard one is a force 70 and is at a mid-level pressure force, but I find it perfect. You can get others like blue and orange to give you more or less suction force.

I have changed mine but I still like the black one that comes stock with the Penomet. I always seem to get the biggest and hardest hard-ons with it. That is why I recommend just getting the Penomet Standard because it has all you need. However, get the Premium package to all the extras if you have the money.

Some guys would recommend going with the highest priced Penomet bundle like the Premium, but I say again that it's not necessary for killer results.

Let me say this before you read further, I think that this pump is way safer compared to conventional penis pumps because of the use of water. You can't really over pump it and at high pressures my penis feels very hard and full. It's always comfortable when using moderate pressures.

demonstrating penomet system

I really like the simple release valve on the end. I have had no trouble with it and no leaking. Just flip it to one side to release the air or water and the pump can be removed. It's a good design.


Feel the Difference

One significant distinction with this cock pump is that it seals good and makes your whole shaft expand in every direction. I can get one full inch or more in length while pumped-up and my girth nearly fills the tube. After 20 minutes I take out my cock and it looks much bigger than before even after it has a chance to get flaccid.

The big opening is one key that means is that you won't have issues removing the Penoment before sex. Some pumps get in the way and make it hard to remove especially if you're trying to use it for erectile dysfunction. But this one ensures you can go from fully hard to sex in seconds.

Lastly, the way you press this pump to your body is ingenious. As you do so the water is expelled and the vacuum is created. It's a great experience without any discomfort.

Main Penomet Advantages:

Having pumped many times each week since I have got the new pump, my cock is noticeably larger in length and girth. Even flaccid or erect it looks bigger. That is why I'm writing this review so that you guys know that this Penomet is the one to get. Even more expensive systems are not as good as this. I honestly recommend it.

holding penomet cock pump

I use the scale on the pump tube the gauge my progress and can see that I'm a great deal further than when I started. The truth is that your erections can gain an inch while pumped-up and completely erect. After several times you'll start to see your penis hang with a better appearance – thicker, fuller, and lengthier. I almost forget to mention that you'll see results the first time you use the Penomet. It takes only 1 minute of pumping to get super hard and see that it's boosting your size.

For me the Penomet pump works flawlessly. I say use it daily and see expansion like I do with my penis. There's no leakage of water or air as long as you shave before use. And remember that water doesn't compress which makes a barrier around your shaft so that it gets larger in every way. I also like that it expands length and girth as opposed to extenders that only work your length mostly.

My final comment is that you have to try this item for its powerful and extremely swift results. I will truthfully say that I use it frequently and have found fractional gains in only a short time. I'm looking forward to even bigger gains in proportions as time goes on.

penomet for size


Please use the link above to learn more about the Penomet. This will also take you to the official website and get you special deals on the Standard or other packages! I recommend that you check it out right away.

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